New season, right suit fabrics!

So Alex ain’t that 101 tips we already have learned from kinder garden? That’s true, but many don’t know the difference between all those common fabrics. Funny is that most men wear same suit in all periods. WHUT? Have a look, they don’t wear the appropriate suit for the period they are in.

Where it all begins, most used, most common

Let’s kick off with the most common one ‘wool’, you can wear it pretty much everywhere at any given time. Still it isn’t the type of fabric to wear when the sun is shining so hard. It’s the 4 season type of suit. Notice that wool can be also light for spring periods. Let’s move on to the next type of fabric of wool.

The Pj’s fabric

Ever heard about flannel? Easy said, it’s those thin red / green woodchopper shirt or your pajamas! Flannel fabric comes from wool, but it has extra softness to it. What happens is that this kind of fabric is mixed with silk or stretch materials so it has a better use next to the softness.

Grandpa-style but revived

Tweed or as most will recognize it, the grandpa fabric. I do agree with most of you that’s old, but if you just give a small try you’ll be looking absolutely stunning. It’s a rough fabric that is closely woven, but flexible. You have to remember that this fabric is made for the colder seasons like winter and autumn.

Looking for exclusive and expensive

A fabric known to be one the expensive side is cashmere. We love it, we want it and still can’t wear it every time, expect the winter period! It’s finer and softer than sheep’s wool, but more insulating. Can be different woven so the structure varies.

Hot summer or in Dubai but style is no exception?

When a hot summer comes we know all want that one thing! Yea you guessed it right, ice cream and laying on the beach doing nothing. All the day dreaming beside we still have to walk in that period and what better than wearing linen shirts and pants or shorts. Feels like a feather and is the most breathable fabric out there. About the wrinkles, most of them have it. Those who have a mixture of silk, won’t have that problem so you can be pretty sure you hit the jackpot!

I hope you got to know a little bit more about the different fabrics. Of course the feeling of the fabric you have to do it yourself. For your next time shopping you know from which fabric to choose from.

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