Silk and linen clothes, your summer outfit

Unless you’re Hercules with an astonishing body figure you can walk without a shit or T-shit, when it’s just bloody hot outside, like a Sahara. There is still a solution for you looking stylish and attractive while it’s boiling outside. It doesn’t involve wearing cotton or some synthetic clothes that will RIP very soon.

I’m talking about purchasing and wearing organic clothes (fabrics), namely silk and linen. One thig is for sure toxic fabrics are not good for your skin especially if you have high skin sensitivity. Most of the toxic fabrics don’t last long, that’s why the cheap price also.

But I’m here to give you some luxury style tips. This involves durable, stylish and are considered as luxury goods by most people. Marc Bain interview Timo Rissanen who is in fashion design and sustainability at Parsons School of Design in New York, in which he stated

whole generation growing up that don’t really have any sense of what makes a good-quality fabric and what makes a good-quality garment


Lets start with the most strongest, most breathable natural fabrics on the planet. You see it wearing by all playboys, including Hugh Hefner.

Humankind has been making clothes out of silk since around 4800 BC. This gives the fabric some damn good reviews I think. The Chinese found this special fabric and kept it as secret, but eventually it got leaked to some other countries. Later on it was also introduced on the Silk Road, the rest of the world got in on this magnificent fabric. When Europe got it hands , mostly the Italians began to perfectionize it.

When you buy a piece that is made out of silk you’re guaranteed that a silk rope is stronger than an equally thick metal wire. This material will last with you for decades. Nevertheless, silk is soft and cool to the touch, it has a smooth feeling. It has a natural sheen, but is less breathable than cotton or linen

Perfect fit with what?

Thinking of wearing it? No problem, you can do the following. Get some chino’s, moccasins and try to match your footwear with the silk shirt. Another tactic will be some dress pants, preferably slim with some loafers and your wardrobe essential, silk shirt. Of course you can mix and match it, make sure the colors are somewhere the same.


Linen is the best to wear fabric if you’re in hot and humid climate. Why? It gets more airflow which allows your body to breathe and because of its structure it stays away from your skin.

A useful thing for most of you men if you sweat a lot, is that it dries quickly and becomes cool again. So it quickly remove perspiration from the skin, be aware that white linen clothes can leave some sweat spots ex. under your armpits, so make sure you wash it that day

You can say that linen is a double-edged sword. It works like a charm while you’re outside. But you better bring something with you if you going into a cool place, because once you enter any place with air conditioning, you’ll quickly start shivering.

To round it all off linen softens with each washing. It’s moisture-absorbing, breathable and stronger that cotton. A quick fact to end this, is that linen material lacks elasticity.

Having the both of them in your wardrobe isn’t a bad idea, it will definitely last for a long time. The style will never grow old and it will always be comfortable on your body.

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