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    Prices for Bespoke

    • 2 Piece Suit
    • upon request
    • Incl. 1 bespoke jacket and 1 bespoke trousers

      Big variaty of premium quality fabrics, choice of different styles and custom cuts

      Tailored by hand

    • Half Bespoke Suits
    • upon request
    • Incl. 1 Half-Bespoke Jacket & Trousers

      Variaty of premium quality fabrics, choice of different styles and custom cuts

      Tailored by Hand and Machine

    • Tuxedo
    • upon request
    • Incl. 1 tuxedo jacket and 1 tuxedo trousers

      Choice of velvets or high quality fabrics, combined with silk lapel and finishings

      Tailored by hand

    • Shirt
    • upon request
    • 1 tailored shirt with hand finishings.

      Selection of premium Italian shirt fabrics, custom choice of different styles and cuts.

      Tailored by hand.

    • Coat / Jacket
    • upon request
    • 1 bespoke jacket or coat to your choice

      Selection of fine Italian leather, custom to your body with various styles and custom cuts.

      Tailored by hand.

    • Ties
    • 110
    • Handmade ties

      Selection of fine Italian 100 % silk fabrics, threefold tie.

      Made by hand.

    • Bow Ties
    • 100
    • Handmade Bow Ties

      Selection of fine Italian 100 % silk fabrics, self-tie butterfly bow tie.

      Made by hand.

    • Pocket Squares
    • 65
    • Handcrafted Pocket Squares

      Selection of fine Italian 100 % silk fabrics, beautiful combo with tie or bow tie.

      Made by hand.

    Our client's reviews

    My first bespoke suit and my best suit. I didn't think that there would truly be a noticeable difference between a high end off the rack suit vs the bespoke suit. Boy was I wrong! I will never buy off the rack again! Only bespoke suits from now on. Now it's time to try some shirts.

    Timothy Valken

    This is the first time I have ever had a suit made to measure. I found the whole experience to be extremely efficient. Alex was super careful with my measurements and when the suit arrived, it fitted perfectly. To say I am pleased is an understatement and I will definitely be ordering from them again.

    Carl Verbeek

    I took the plunge and decided to go for a bespoke suit. I found this company to be very professional and very thorough in making sure you get the right measurements. Once I received the final suit I found it to be of high quality and an excellent fit. I'm quite tall so this suit fitted my physique perfectly. I would highly recommend this company.

    Philip Van Loo

    The bespoke suit service is excellent, plus the quality for the price I would recommend. Their master tailor knows his work very well so one should always follow his advice for checking measurements. For certain measurements I would advise going to your tailor to be on the safe side. Definitely worth a call for a quality purchase.

    Matthew Kempen