Why choose us tailor AlexNass in Belgium?

Why is tailor AlexNass so unique from others tailors in Belgium?

Let’s say you’re a regular guy not knowing too much about the tailoring world, but you want a top-notch suit! That’s not a problem at all, you have an advantage in this situation. At this point, some internet research can be done on the different types of tailoring before making your purchasing decision, or just read this blog post.

Figuring out what off-the-rack suits, a Made-to-Measure (MtM) – and bespoke suits are. Some brands use the words “tailor” or “tailored” but there is some misleading trickery in it, more on that later on. The main question remains: What is AlexNass all about and what kind of suits does it produce?

We come to your location.

Private ‘brick and mortals’ are slowly dying out, but that shouldn’t be the case for the tailoring business if only to take it one step further for survival. AlexNass values the client’s time and comfortability, that’s why AlexNass comes to the preferred location of the client. I wonder if there are tailors left here who will dedicate their time to their clients?

We want to create a relationship where we can listen closely to the client’s wishes and sketch out their desired suit. A little time will be allocated to measure the whole body to know much fabric will be needed for a particular client. The only thing that the new suit owner has to do is ‘wait’ for his first fitting.

Variety of fabrics and quality guaranteed.

Off-the-rack suits are mostly known for their affordability, which in turn doesn’t guarantee a decent quality. While Made-to-Measure suits are slightly higher in price and are being produced with good suiting fabrics.

The least of your worries will be the quality of the fabrics AlexNass has to offer. Quality is one of the main key factors we want to present to each customer, a variety of premium Italian fabrics for different occasions and seasons.

Exclusively crafted for you.

Honestly said everyone likes exclusivity, whether it’s a bag or a garment. When ordering a suit from a Made-to-Measure brand the tailor embroiders your name onto the fabric and adds a few small size adjustments, this will be seen as “exclusive”. Unfortunately, the chances are high that this particular type of suit is also been bought by many others which isn’t that “exclusive” anymore.

The tailors at AlexNass work the old-fashioned way, the true artisans, meaning that the suits are all made by hand. The client is the designer of the suit so each pocket or lapel can be chosen to look a specific way like no other. It’s not a place for a standard-sized base pattern, you’re unique so should be a suit.

Price competitive.

Prices vary a lot, comparing an off-the-rack suit will cost ~ €200 (depending on the brand) to a bespoke suit that can start from ~ €3.500.

AlexNass brings competitive prices to the tables starting from €2.500 for a 2-piece bespoke suit. This price includes premium fabrics, personal design, and customization, click here to see AlexNass prices. While other bespoke tailors who have a name will charge you fairly large sums of money for small adjustments ending up with a total of ~ €5.000 or more.

Belgium tailoring market environment

In conclusion, Belgium has different MtM tailor brands like SuitSupply and many different off-the-rack suit brands from cheap like H&M and Zara to very pricy brands like Burberry.

There may be very few bespoke tailors in Belgium but guaranteed that their price tag will be high for your desired suit. Here lies AlexNass opportunity to shine as it’s an upcoming brand, where more is given for a reasonable price. Grab the opportunity and click the button below!

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