Flexible in Business Casual Dressing

How can we define ‘business casual’? I wouldn’t have said it better than GQ “Whether it’s a suit dressed down with a simple T-shirt or a nice sweater and a pair of chinos, ultimately classic, comfortable but also clean-cut enough for HR approval.

Too Casual, not good!

It’s totally true! Imagine for a moment that the company you work for has a casual dress code. There is always a time that the company will look to replace someone or raise a person to a specific position. Going to that interview in a ACDC T-shirt and jeans, I bet you won’t leave that first impression in a good way. Trying to mix your style with a blazer, can get you already ahead of the game. Unfortunately for the other ones who didn’t put any amount of effort in styling themselves. It’s always about the first and last impression, never forget!

Nail it every day or 24/7

You’re on the perfect page to develop your own unique style! Because this page will provide you all the necessary details to be well groomed and dressed for the rest of your life. There is only one exception, you have to put to work in it. To start off, you’ll need a blazer that’s comfortable preferably that you would wear also in your days off. For inspiration look at the picture down below. It’s important to look business-man sharp if wearing it.

For the gent’s who have a lot of movement at their job, would rather have a slightly bigger size than skinny or fitted blazer/jeans, or little stretch for extra comfort isn’t a bad idea.

Maybe you have noticed something specific? It’s the rounding of the collar. Most of the suits have the same material, but Guy-David has changed the rules of men’s dressing. We wear our jeans off in no time, but the blazer not that much. That’s why he changed the color of the surrounding to match with your trousers or in the example jeans to wear it more often.

Sometimes it’s hugely important to ask tailors if they also do some casual tailoring , because they sometimes do. And what better way to look good in casual wear, having all the pieces you need on your sizes. Don’t forget they will be all combinable because of mixed fabric.

Great tip before ending this blogpost is not to only wear suits trousers but go with some jeans or chinos. Depending on the fabric of your suit or color it still can be a good match with the casual trousers. This will give you a more free feeling but also a comfortable way to move around depending on your work.

Remember this:

Life’s too short to wear boring clothes.


  • August 23, 2019

    Asking your boss or fellow employees what your office deems as “smart casual” (or business casual for that matter) can be a really simple way to get it right the first time and help yourself avoid any awkward run-ins with HR or colleagues over dress code issues.


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