Upgrading yourself from all size-suits to a tailored one? Yes Sir!

People these days forget that they too have to update their system, but the question remains how and what specifically? Computers and their software are getting practically obsolete every month. Update them or you’ll have some problems running them. Humans are identical, their skills must be updated and certain emotions must be learned to control to survive. Sometimes it can be done with a simple suit!

It starts with a change

I could promise you sunshine and rainbows, but I want to be brutally honest with you. It will take a lot of courage, pain and failure for a small change. But every change will have a dramatic impact, whether you see it or not, it’s called the future. If you are lazy and not doing anything, not even exploring or risking, guess what? Your life will be boring and nothing new will come or happen.

Upgrading or changing will bring you into another category. Landing in a new league that you’re not used to playing in or doubting your skill to manoeuvre in, that’s natural. Remember you actually have everything you need whether you know it or not. For instance, you have that one suit that didn’t cost you too much and you didn’t change the suit for nearly 2 years. There comes a time when you’ll buy a second suit but it’s the same thing again, doesn’t cost much and your plan is to wear it again for several years. Nothing new, nothing excited and nothing has changed!

Opening for tailored opportunities

You are blocking yourself from opportunities. Expensive suit, a tailored one, gives you better quality, a perfect fit and a whole experience you couldn’t get anywhere else. Wearing such a piece of art, will transform your confidence. The way you’ll walk will be sturdier, the way you’ll talk will be more articulate and direct. All this because you upgraded to those figures who resembles wearing such an outfit. We are talking about businessmen, politicians and upper food-chain people.

The way a tailor meets every single demand you ask for, and measures every dimension of your body is nothing you can compare to. It’s a totally different ball game: your all size fits suit shop to a tailor-made boutique. The suit isn’t too big or too small, every detail like the movements you’ll make with your suit are taken into consideration. Stretching your arm to grab something, will feel comfortable, no such thing as stretching the fabric or the garment. It simply goes with your body. Now your inner confidence is more powerful to support you on your journey to accomplish your personal mission.

Have I look why I went into the tailoring fashion business. Find out what you actually get from such a suit and what process is behind making it.

Respect and recognition

It’s not just wearing a suit and expecting to be the man of the hour. Totally not! An exclusive suit that just fits you perfectly and being groomed makes the whole package complete. This will give you a small recognition wherever you may go.

I personally can give you a few examples that happened and still are happening up to this day. It’s a guarantee of a certain reaction or the way they look at a person who is dapper.

Italians know my tailored taste

  • When I worked in Antwerp I had to walk by foot to my workplace. As you may know Antwerp is full of tourists, which attracts various nationalities. Walking through the centre I was approaching a group of Italians; the moment I came close to the group, they turned their heads and started analysing me from head to toe. Best thing was that the ladies were smiling and giving me the thumbs up! I felt blessed, you know.

Dude you got it!

  • There was a funny moment when a guy had to catch his train. At that time, I was on an escalator somewhere in the middle of it. He was running down and came across me and stood still for a moment and said this “Damn man, nice suit! You got some class.”, the second after he continued down. You see, people will recognise your style.

Impossible to stop looking

  • On a regular day, I had a rendez-vous with my girl, so we went for a drink in the centre of Leuven. Because I had made a new double breast (pinstripe) suit, I thought why not wear it and show it to people. As we walked people walked aside to let us through, I really felt as a big boss, you feel me? I saw a guy around 40-ish of age and casual chique dressed, the guy was looking at me almost the whole time ‘till he couldn’t see me no more. Why I know that? Because I turned around so many time to look if he was looking. I should have given him my business card, to update his suit wardrobe!

People are attracted to you, because they have earning deep down within them to feel great – look elegant – and shine as you do. It’s that extra something they are missing, that they want. The problem lies in their focus, concentrating on the price instead of the massive value that it can provide you and take advantage of.

Price vs. Future

Future ambitions come with a price tag, there is no such thing as free. It comes always with a certain price. We call it in Russian “bash a bash” meaning “something for something in return”. A good example would be brand awareness. Brand awareness seems like the company is paying a huge amount of money for a little bit of your attention. On the contrary, if the enterprise can convince enough people or the right individuals they will influence others. This will create a ripple effect and their ROI will be a damn good one!

Paying the price for a tailored suit may sound “ridiculous” or “out of budget”, but remember if you saying such things you’re setting yourself up for future failure!

People pay attention to figures with a fresh cut, well maintained face and a well-fitting suit. The ones with their shit together! They have mastered the success of life and they want to be a part of that. Make the same great impact that he does, but the thing that stands between you and him is the risk-taking and the tolerance of the risks.

Why is it important?

Upgrading is necessary, not for the reason that you can buy more stuff or do more things. Elevate yourself and your skill set in different areas. Motivate yourself and others on what is possible to achieve in this world. Break the limits you have, the anxiety that sits in you. It has to be learned and conquer. It’s noteworthy that I do have my own weaknesses. But everyday I open my eyes, I want to give my best and overcome all the negative things to make a great impact in this world, before I leave this planet.

“When you get it, reach back, pull someone else up. Each one, teach one”

– Denzel Washington

The learning process

So why the tailored suiting in this story? I’ll tell you this in full honesty, for some this may not even apply. Knowing for a fact you like fashion and the elegance of a suit, it definitely will give you the extra push.

Buying an expensive suit develops your thinking pattern of how to earn that extra money. You’ll start to plan and save. After getting the exact amount, you’ll struggle over buying it or not. Some people are determined others are not! The struggle, is the fear of giving away your hard earn money for se drapes. Overcoming that fear can give you an unexplainable presentation for the job you want or deal you want to close.

How can I be so sure about it? Because you developed such skills that you’re already determined and confident to win what you have set to do. Apply this method for other things in your life and you’ll become greater and greater by every struggle you undergo.


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