We all love to watch a good gangster movie whether it’s 'Goodfellas' or 'The Godfather', but besides all the violence most of the characters are neatly dressed. Old school mafia members were always on point to present themselves in a bespoke outfit. Back in the old days, there were more of these types of tailors that made custom suits only by hand. Let us not wander off too much into the history

Let's say you’re a regular guy not knowing too much about the tailoring world, but you want a top-notch suit! That’s not a problem at all, you have an advantage in this situation. At this point, some internet research can be done on the different types of tailoring before making your purchasing decision, or just read this blog post. Figuring out what off-the-rack suits, a Made-to-Measure (MtM) - and bespoke suits are.

Different suits As you all may know there are 3 main types of suits that you can buy. Suits that are directly off the shelves, called mass production suits. Normally they are not that expensive, but having a ‘Versace’ label on them changes the price league. Nowadays you have what’s called made-to-measure (MTM) suits. Before you start being so smart and knowing what it is, let me tell you something you probably

ntwerp is known for its famous luxury diamonds, furthermore it's been recognized as one of the fashion trendsetters around Europe. Fashion designer ‘Dries van Noten’ sticks out in the international fashion designers. As does Raf Simons who presents more contemporary fashion designs. Don’t forget Belgium’s capital, Brussels, that has one of the finest schools of ‘Haute Couture’, where student all over the world come to gain new insights in the fashion industry. Now

[edn the outside he makes an effort; his clothes, his face he cares about what his look says to the world, but he knows that this is not all that matters. He is smart, driven, and is not afraid of being ambitious. But what really makes him different is the way he carries himself throughout his life. He is polite empathetic, open minded and kind. He conducts himself with conviction and