Get serious! Use serum, be young.

Woman want to look older when they are young and young when they are old. That’s no secret! But we, the men, we only look older as time passes. One this is for sure, we want to make the most of our life that’s why we hustle and grind so much for that dollar bill. There is a negative point to it, as the mind keeps us young but the body and skin does not. I want to stand still on the facial skin care. The first thing you see each morning in the mirror, is you. Your face is also your representation in the open world.

Everyone needs  to take care of his facial skin. Depending of your skin type, you may or you may not need to take care of your skin seriously. If you have some red pimps or acne, you will need to use some masks and face cleaning products. But there is also Serum, it can take care of different things on a much deeper level. Lets dive into it!


Serum can sometimes be recognize as a “Anti-age crème”, now don’t be distant just because of the name. Anti-age is more familiar to many people and also understandable what it does. Most people don’t know that it’s serum, in most of the cases. What does this serum actually do? It’s like a thin layer on you skin, but has so many powerful ingredients in it to heal your skin in no time. NO IT’S NOT ONLY FOR WOMAN, BUT FOR YOU TOO MAN!


A day crème is like a moisturizer for your skin, your skin does always need a daily care. Still there is a small difference between the night one and the daily one. The daily one is to protect you from all the things that may come on your face like the sun, winds and so on.
The night one is much richer for your skin to take away the small wrinkles and lines.

You can comp are serum to the crème I describes above but much concentrated, most on water basis. Serum has active ingredients that goes deeper in your skin layers, to actively address the problem on your skin. Of course, like any other crème, you have different types of serum. Depending for what you need: reducing wrinkles, adding brightness, fighting acne, or enhancing hydration!

It feels more or less like a liquid crème, a small portion on your will give huge effect over a small period of time. When applying it on you face it will feel richer and thicker as it has more structure, because of the high concentration to attain the effect you wising for.


  1. Clean your face with cool water
  2. Use scrub gel / mask
  3. Wash it off
  4. Put a little bit of serum small drop and rub it in over your entire face
  5. If you have a day crème but it on top of it

PS use lip balm, so your lips won’t damage over time

This may be a short and sweet 6-pointer. If you want to have a simple daily routine this blog post on keeping your facial skin clean might release your from all hassle. Be patient in doing something. Give it always a week or two try out.

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