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    Most attractive Winter/Autumn Men-fragrances

    Let’s talk about the best perfume for men for this winter and autumn period, shall we! It’s never the case about the new ones or the classics like Chanel Blue. Here are the most important factors you should be concentrating on: On what occasions are you going to use them? For instance daily usage, maybe only for work or on date nights? The other factor would be “When?”, the period you want to use it in.

    As I mentioned before I’m going to concentrate on the winter-autumn period in this blogpost. I find that this cold period needs strong woody or amber notes, added with some sweet or spicy accents. Giving you a confident but relaxing smell.

    English fashion cologne

    I like the genuine old fashion gentleman style. I’m talking about the London kind of gent.

    Always sharp dressed, shiny shoes, groomed with a nice intense smell. Personally, it’s a very sophisticated perfume with a rough side to it. I call it the daily classy businessman perfume.

    Jo Malone is without any discussion my favourite and it has its reasons. First of all, it’s “mostly” organic made. Secondly, they have the best natural smell unlike others ex. English Oak & Hazelnut.

    Top notes that you’ll distinguish are the following ones. Kyara wood, which is used in Japanese ceremony. This adds the intense wood smell to it. Further it’s enriched with amber, black orchid and ginger smell.

    Your date-night fragrance

    Following on the previous perfume, we do have another one that is just in a slightly lower category. Some similar notes can be identified from the Jo Malone, but you can’t confuse the two. Prada is the softer one, it’s also a bit sweeter and not so rough. Perfect occasion would be a date-night, elegant with a sweet touch of amber from a closer range.

    When you compare this fragrance with the one above, you’ll get a clear understanding that this perfume is alchemic combination of Bergamot, myrrh, patchouli and vanilla. This is the reason why it can give you that sweet touch of vanilla in the end.

    Tom you’re so mysterious

    Speaking of a global icon in men’s fashion, you guessed it right, Tom Ford. His approach is always abstract, nothing too much or something out of this world.

    Extraordinary isn’t always his way. Whatever it is, it must be very masculine, it should give confidence and relaxation, but above all there must be some mystery going on!

    In my opinion, Tom Ford’s wood fragrances are the perfect fit for this kind of winter periods. Grey Vetiver is the type of fragrance to wear in a sunny winter day. It isn’t your typical Hugo Boss perfume. A few spritzes of this perfume will be enough for a citrus, rich spices and strong woods smell. Tom Ford describes this fragrance that captures the essence of debonair (translation: charming), charismatic and provocative masculinity.

    If you don’t believe me that this type of fragrance would work on women, you better watch this 2 minute video below. If women smell some mystery is going on, then you’re winning the game.

    I admit it, I’m guilty of smelling good

    Gucci gang, is overrated, but not this Gucci perfume is a must have in your fragrance collection.

    Why? It’s a perfect fragrance for daily use, not an intense smell. This type of perfume concentrates first on the floury and lemon accents that follow by warm woody accords.

    Gucci tried to bring over the concept of breaking free from common social boundaries. A new edge and signify freedom by breaking with traditional male and female fragrance ingredients. This floury female side mixed with strong woody accords gives a comfortable new smell that’s not too strong, neither too soft.

    The man, The legend, Mr. Burberry

    Moving on to our final perfume, our dear old but honourable brand, Burberry. As Jo Malone London has its speciality in this field for a long time, his rival Burberry doesn’t want to stand behind. Burberry doesn’t always have success with its fragrances, but you know what? From time to time they can impress.

    As far as people know this reputable brand strives for elegance, simplicity and effectiveness. Examining today’s man, he’s more contemporary and can be classy if needed. Because it’s a Burberry it also has to be sophisticated and sensual.

    I have to admit, it’s rather a fresh sent but Burberry perfume just feels perfect for winter and autumn period. Starting with a fresh citrus mixed with mint smell following immediately with wood and nuts accents. This fragrance has such a powerful smell yet relaxed smell, perfect for daily use and casual nights out.

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