Not expensive. That’s tailored!

How is it possible to make a stylish difference when everyone can walk into a Gucci or a Versace store? Tailor boutique is the answer. Some tailor will have almost everything you’ll need. If they’re up-to-date, you will be dressed like nobody else. He has everything to make you stand out wherever you may go. Remember he’s your personal friend, almost like your BFF but for clothing.

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Let me tell you about my experience at a tailor based in Antwerp, Guy-David Lambrechts men’s tailor. Based in Belgium, where I currently live. A warming antique shop in the heart of antwerp next to the national bank. As this is the center point of Europe so does he have international clientele! Let’s talk about the idea of tailoring and what you can buy at such stores.

Trust in the work

The clientele and the authenticity he built over time, can tell you if  his work is appreciated or not. A fashion designer that has his own collection and a collection of antique cufflinks. Considering all those factors he built a reputable brand in his own city. How could I not resist trying out this suits? Keep in mind that the couture he makes are for DJ’s, actors and politicians. In my opinion if you love class and looking fresh every single second, you’re at the right spot!

Confection vs Tailor-made

It all starts here actually. If you enter a standard shop you’ll have a standard variety of goods. Meaning that you can choose from what’s hanging or lying in the shelves. Depending on your body structure (small, big or deviant parts), you can be the unlucky one who can’t find something that will fit. Or worse there is just none, and we know that feeling!

What makes Guy-David so special is the fact that whomever you are, he can dress you. In the sentence of dress you so well and elegant that you will be amazed of the end result. If you have flaws, it will be corrected on your body in a way that the suit, jeans, blazer will look just as it needs to be. The moment you going to wear the finalized product, you will feel like it’s just made for you, without any mistakes or whatsoever.

The process of making

A professional tailor would like to know who you’re. Creating a personal relationship with you, because he wants to see you again in the near future. Knowing what you do in your day to day life, he can propose you some fabrics that are more suited your charisma and also your facial futures. After finding the perfect fabric he’ll take your measurements. The process of an authentic tailor is that they start from scratch, meaning they have to draw the pattern out on the fabric and cut it out afterwards. Afterwards you have the sewing of the different parts. When the suit (or whatever you ordered) is ready, there is an additional fitting that takes place to see if any corrections need to be made. If that’s not the case, you’re good to go.

Volumes of class

Lets kick off with the first suit, namely the Prince of Wales or Prince de Galles. This is a thicker fabrics that will be more suitable for winter and fall periods. Have a closer look why this is a unique suit. The collar isn’t the typical one you won’t find it in store. It’s all rounded and has a matching color. This particular collar has a plain grey color. The blazer can be a perfectly match with other types of gray clothes or near the dark- and black colors. This all gives you a variety of mix and matches.

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The next fabric is linen with a checkered pattern. A crucial suit for the summer, because of the hot climate this suit will let you breath and won’t make you sweat so fast unlike a thicker fabric. If you want to know why you should have a linen fabric click here. I want to note that this suit has also woolen and silk parts to have a unique and elegant touches and keep it sturdy.

Did you see? The suspenders of course. Why wear a belt when you can do suspenders! It gives you more class and you will look amazingly stylish. But here is what you don’t know. What ever you may do like stretching your arms out to grab something, your shirt won’t come out of your trousers. When you had a long sit, your trousers will fall straight again and the shirt will be perfectly intact in your trousers.

My call?

As stated before that I want to help the average man look great again! You may buy some clothes at your local store, but I want to make a difference. Giving you the right advise, to style you, like nobody else. It’s mine mission to make you look sexy, stylish and comfortable. Making sure everything is PERFECT FITTED.

Maybe this is my call in life to grab this change and start working as a tailor? Having my own shop and expand in the near future? It’s a lifetime opportunity, so why not take it and learn it. I asked for it, now the time to grab that opportunity that’s handed out. I have to practice what I preach here so lets start this exiting journey!

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