Facial youth reverse after damage, is it still possible?

You probably heard about the KISS-structure, didn’t you? Keep It Stupid Simple. The phrase contains 4 words, so we keep it to 4 simple rules. Keep up with these 4 daily applications and your facial skin will be as smooth as those of the celebrities, but the natural way! No time-waste on fancy explanations here. Lets jump straight to action, shall we!

Facial skin care markets are huge!

I won’t exaggerate on this one, but there is soooooooo much on the market. You almost can’t choose, it’s ridiculous. Some rough guys as we call them a “man’s man” would say that a man these days became like a girl with all the extra make up tools. We ain’t going that way, hello no. Here are the most effective things you need to know for keeping a clean facial skin.

Your grooming checklist should consist of these 4 key things:

  1. Clean your skin for new cells to grow
  2. Dry skin must be eliminated
  3. Deep cleaning with masks
  4. Natural resources you should really eat and drink

Cleaning the dirt from your face!

Everyday our face gets dirty, it’s a fact. Cleaning your skin just with water won’t help that much these days. Our planet is so full of dirty stuff in the air that it penetrates into our skin. Sadly but true, we have to use stronger products to prevent pimps and other beauty things coming out on our facial skin. The process is called “exfoliation” scrubbing the dirt from you face.

Soft cleaning

There are 2 types you can choose from. A soft type and a rougher one. The soft one is using a special soap. Don’t use soap they say, but depending on your skin if it’s a vulnerable one I would suggest you should opt for a black soap. It’s a combination of sea minerals and other organic ingredients to your face soft, clean and not super dry afterwards.

Scrub cleaning

The second type of cleaning would be a scrub gel. Use on a 2 to 3 day basis, if you do it more regularly your skin will dry up! So be careful. I personally prefer Clearasil, there are always cheaper and more expensive brands. Clearasil is in the middle, use it for two weeks to see the grandiose effect!

Greediness will harm your facial skin

Don’t be too greedy when it comes to your skin care , it’s always better to spend a little bit more money on a quality product like Garnier to Clinique or l’Occitane (and if you like others ,my pleasure) instead of harming your skin.

Smooth skin, is a moist skin

Use moisturizers or hydration products. If you’re not familiar with it I’ll answer on the following questions like: What are those? What does it? How to do it right? So you pretty know all of it, what’s needed to know.

Be prepared for cold days, just saying…

People who suffer from dry skin or those of who’s skin dries up in the winter for any other reason. Winter and cold autumn are the most difficult periods to keep your skin moist. Your skin dries up and break, so you get those white broken unpleasant itchy places. To avoid that you’ll need to use some hydration crèmes or gels. Those kind of product will give you the needed boost to make your skin more alive.

For those who are a bit older, use serum!

Lips and hands must not be forgotten

Not only your facial skin can dry up, but so does your lips and hands! Again there are hundreds of variations. The best one in my opinion is L’Occitane of 150ml, if you compare it with the following factors as price, quality and quantity.

Same goes for your lips, choose the one you like. It’s just a terrible habit to see somebody biting his lips when they cracked, making it only worse. By not applying some lip balm, and  rip the cracked skin off, it’s like opening a door for all the bacteria in the open space.

Once a week, a good deep cleaning is required

This may sound a bit awkward or not manly to you, but it does help. Applying a muddy paste to your face, and wash it off in 5 or 10 min when it’s hard. Of course there are different options like peel off masks or even “vitamine” or “recovering / detox” masks which you all can apply.

Before you apply, just think a bit. If your skin and pores are clean, there is no need for a deep peel off. Go instead for another lighter mask.

Keep in mind to sleep well!

As your body has to recover from psychical exercises, so does your you facial skin with sleep. Plan a sleeping routine, like in bed before midnight and 6h good sleep. Doing it just in order to reactive your skin as it should.

The right nutrition for your skin

Hydrating your skin with crème or gel won’t work forever, and it’s not super healthy. Your skin should het sufficient amount of water, the lack of hydration will present itself by turning your skin dry, tight and flaky. Dry skin has less resilience and is more prone to wrinkling!

Next factor is not eating too much snacks and other sweet stuff. First of all it is not good for your teeth. Eating more than you should will cause pimples and all the other beautiful stuff that will show up on your face.

Facial care works only with a good grooming routine!

So to answering the question if reversing your damaged skin to a healthy one is possible? Yes, it is. There will be only one exception, that is maintaining your skin. Keep working on it at least a month. If by any reason it doesn’t go right after 1 or 2 months, get an appointment with a good dermatologist. He’ll definitely help you out!

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