Before you quit at something, you should know this …

Type in Google “I want to quit …” and see what suggestions you’ll get! As you may know google will propose you some suggestions that might be in your interest. It’s because most people also look for on the internet. As you have noticed most of the people struggle with the same kind of problems in life. At certain points in time life gets really hard and we simply want to quit. We want to go back to how it was. Back to simple. The motivation from before has disappeared. Was there a person that pulled me up again, you’ve wondered.

Why am I here, how did this all happen?

Don’t blame yourself coming into a situation where you want to quit. Rather change your mind out it. Wondering how you came this far and having all these emotions and thoughts going on? Your mind has simply changed. Old habits or standards didn’t please you anymore. You wanted a better life. Even the way you looked at life has changed, and you started making changes.

You the only one?

It really isn’t the best feeling when you’re on the verge of quitting. You spend all this time to make it this far and it’s like nothing is working. More bad things are just coming your way. The cycle doesn’t end you may thing. But believe me, everyone has felt it. Even the great kings, entrepreneurs, athletes, campions, soldiers, lions, presidents and every winner that you may encountered. Had the urge to quit.

Quit now, regret later

All I’m saying is yes, it’s tough. The next move you may take will be risky. But you have to remember that the moment you were born it was already risky and tough to overcome so many different challenges up till now.

Let us take a different approach. Since you have started your journey on the thing(s) you wanted to achieve until this day you have completed X % of it, right? If you’re going to quit right now, you just go backwards to 0%. Imagine now that you want to start over on the dream you had been working on. You’ll need to start from scratch again, because things have changed and may not be done the same way now.

If you quit you’ll not knowing what if you persisted, what would have actually happened? The ongoing regret will be engraved in your mind that you didn’t pushed beyond that hurdle. Wondering would be life better, more adventurous and more enjoyable?

Remember why you started this

Take 30 minutes for yourself in a silent space. Relax and focus on yourself. Ask yourself the following question “Why?” x7 times. Using this method, you’ll be able to dig deep down in your memory to find out why your started your particular journey.

As I previously mentioned, every step you made this far is closer to your dream. But if you think to quit, it’s only big steps back. Imagine a hill, going up is really hard, but if you fall it goes super quick. Another thought that I always keep in mind is, why getting back when you truly want something new? To free yourself from the previous struggles, but you’re preparing yourself to get back to the old struggles by simply quitting?

Dirt coming your way, is a good sign

Dreams can be buried really quick and will never take part in your life. So be careful with that. If some dirt comes your way, just shake it off and keep going. If your life didn’t have these things coming to you it simply means that you aren’t great and you not on the right track. You must have forgotten it, but you’ll make a difference that why you started your journey.

Switch your motivation. Quit being a doubtful

Start with this sentence “GET SHIT DONE [Your name].”, you’re well able to do anything. They just didn’t teach you how to overcome struggle, because they selves don’t know how.

Committed to yourself in succeeding in your goal. Grow through the pain. No pain, no gain! So have I made big decisions to go after my dream and nobody can stop me.

It doesn’t mean it didn’t happen yet that it will never happen, but it’ll happen. Don’t even image that the future might bring you worse things than they have experience. It isn’t like that. Take your initiative, you have everything on your side! Life has prepared you for this moment. It ain’t going to be easy! Will there be mistakes? A lot! Am I going to get hurt, you will. It’s design like that. Be aware that if you don’t deal with your disappointments, you’ll never evolve and you’ll never get the understanding life.

What’s “I quit”? I only know “Persistence”

Don’t quit anything without a plan. You should have always a good backup plan, for instance if you want to quit your job. Ask the question where will I get the money from? Think always through!

Change is good. It’s for the better! ALWAYS. If you want your goals or vision come into reality than you have to work day and night for it. You need to weed out all your capacity to get better and to move forward. It may take longer than you may thought. So be it. You’ll have to take more classes. Go and take. You don’t move as quick as others? Everyone has his own path, focus on your lane.

You have GREATNESS in you, never forget that. Just do all you can do, because you haven’t done everything you have done!

DON’T YOU QUIT!If you agree with me, leave a comment with your thoughts!

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