Things she secretly wants, so she would fall in love with you!

Attract women? Those women are so… Stop! Here are some things you should know about them, some simple things you may have been looking over to gain her trust and confidence in you. So my recently chat with one of those gorgeous ladies was about, what the man should have to attract women or even her. Here is her answer and a small explanation on why those things have such an impact.

Attract women start in being healthy

Being healthy doesn’t only apply your physical state, like being sick or not sick. It really has more to it. You must see it in a broader perspective, as body figure, skin care, mental condition and so on. If you look pale it just doesn’t give that “I want to date you”- look. Start with a right diet, get some extra vitamins in your body! For god sake, just take a blood checkup to boost your body.

Of course women are attracted to nice bodies, unless you got so much money that you can buy yourself a gold-digger or whatever so you don’t have to worry about your big sexy belly. For your own good, small intensive exercises every morning can boost your energy levels and extend your life cycle. Skin care is HUGLY important, why you asking? Go to Google and search for someone who didn’t look after himself, how ugly it can get and ask yourself “Would I date him if I was a girl?”.

To be dressed to impress

I think the phrase speaks for itself. A nice dressed and groomed guy, will get the attention of most of the ladies. A good combination of classy-, urban- or casual clothes can give you already some credit. Style is important! Have some small accessories like a watch or some bracelets to give your style a small nice touch. Don’t forget about your shoes! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, invest in some quality shoes. The blog post will explain all the benefit of owning at least 1 pair of solid shoes.

Make yourself smell extraordinary

I’m not talking the same perfume that you’re using for like 2 years, change it now! Go for something new, something that other men don’t go for immediately because they still have to catch up. For some inspiration you can check my  blog post of the top 5 winter/autumn fragrances.

Difficulty in choosing the right fragrance because of the substances? Read more about the differences of perfume by clicking here. The better the smell the closer she will get, just because she wants to smell it again 😉

Ambition is priceless, that’s something that’s in your vein


To get the money part out of the way, yes it does matter, only as a result of hard work to share it for the both of you. Listen closely, ambition is something that fires you. It’s that fire in you that keep you motivated and going until you reach what you set your mind to. This kind of attitude will show here, that you ain’t going to back of the moment hardship comes knocking at your door. They will feel both safe and secure, because you know you will handle this sh*t right there and aright now.

Be a Man, be tough but also caring in tough times

“Man the f*ck up” they say. It’s true, nothing is easy but we have to get our emotions together and keep pushing forward. It’s a continuation of the previous point, but keep your hand out to your closes friends, family and those you respect. Hard times will always come, so show the loyalty, respect and love. Those who can do that are the real grown ups, because it all takes courage to keep it all together instead of choosing a simpler path as a exit to all the problems around.

Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)

Take the action first, don’t wait!

As far as it goes the male should be the one who need to make the decision. Those who make the decision have also the power. Have built a big business. When you know what you doing and making the decision yourself, she instantly knows she’s safe and you got it all in hand so she doesn’t need to worry about a thing that might go wrong. Still what’s the worst that can happen? And if it does you learn it for the next time, so lift your ball sack up and go for whatever it is.


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