Why AlexNass?

Quality investment

Our tailors are focused on delivering you the ultimate investment garment. AlexNass insists on holding the European standard high and a superior EU-quality. Proposing the finest fabrics on the market. Before handing your custom our bespoke garment, we ensure to be double-checked on every possible detail.

Wherever you want us to be

AlexNass HQ based in Belgium, the centre of European trade. Our private appointments and fittings, can be taken from your location of preference. Home, hotel or on the other side of the world, AlexNass is prepared to give you the luxury you deserve. Time is a luxury. So we fly to you.

All styles, no Questions

Are you accustomed to a suit style already, like the British-, Italian- or American cut? AlexNass can also design a suit or garment accustomed to your looks and body-type. It’s the client that designs his personal style to reflect his persona. Basically, you can call us the Savile Row of Belgium.

All Seasons of Choice

Each client has a busy lifestyle, so you have to pick out your different types of garments for each season? Summer or winter fabrics, we are happy to accommodate a variety of fabrics for different types of climates and circumstances are here for you.

Authentic craftsmanship

How many true tailors can you find these days? Most garments are off-the-racks, with some alternations, making it sound “Made-to-Measure”. AlexNass will create perfect handmade bespoke suits, shirts, tuxedos, coats…whatever you may like.
Our tailors keep your individual measurements and patterns secure, with your next order we already can start producing before you leave the door.


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A Man Amongst Boys
Why AlexNass?Why AlexNass?