No colds Anymore, try Turtlenecks!

Turtleneck is mostly worn in the cold season, like winter and autumn. It’s actually a great creation because it helps us with 2 things. One of those is protecting our neck from the cold. The other one is for those who don’t like their white collar and tie. Before we go further, yes a turtleneck is also called differently, “polo neck or roll-neck” other kind of names are purely of the country’s dialect.

It’s funny enough if you had some toughts about that a polo neck is for women, which is partly correct. It’s a unisex garmet, and was also worm and promoted by celebrities like Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe

When it started?

But I will give you’re a quick walkthrough on how a turtleneck made this way. How it actually became popular nowadays while it was even in the limelight a few years ago! Fashion changes, real quick.

Do you remember those old portraits of kings and knights in the 16th century? I hope you do, because you may also remember them wearing something big around their neck! If you really don’t, click here and have a look. I still find it funny, because it looks like a neck brace. LOL

While this was status in the older centuries, closer to those times we know in the early 20th century it was reserved for the working class. Quick shift isn’t it?

If you really want to have a relative good but fast history of the turtleneck, find out more by clicking on “A Look at the History of the Turtleneck”.Save it for later, you better continue to the good stuff that’s coming up.

What kind of turtlenecks are there?

Turtleneck can be made different types. I’m talking firstly about materials, cotton, cashmere or mixture of fabrics. Next up is the types of production. It can be in various fits, from slim onto your body where you can see your true body structure to lose ones, like for the Christmas periods. Keep reading to find out how to style them and with what you can combine them with.

This is common sense but you can look for your type, I mean if you don’t like a neat one, you definitely can find with a special knit or woven ones.
The pervious few tips are known and seen. But having a trained eye you will notice a difference in a few turtleneck designs. The neck part can be more voluminous, this adds a special touch if you like your neck to be a bit loose instead of the fabric stretched around your neck (what’s actually the meaning of it).

Adjusting the turtle-trend to you!

As I mentioned before the turtleneck wasn’t only for men. The moment when women started wearing similar clothes as men so did the turtleneck made its way. Most imortent question will be how can a polo neck be trendy? There’re multiple styles you can wear it with. Casual to strong business dressing or business casual can all be done.

Best factor of a turtleneck is that its accentuate the face and elongate the figure. This trend of polo neck started way back in the 90’s, you can read more on it from the previous link I mentioned about the history of a turtleneck.

Most powerful styling looks are coming up! Before that I want to point out what I don’t think is the most optimal option. Wearing a shirt with a collar underneath the polo neck, may cause a few complexities. First of them is that there is no comfortability wearing a long sleeved collar shirt under a turtleneck, doesn’t fit straight and causes visual wrinkles through the polo neck. I can be hidden with thicker material of course. The other one is that most guys don’t know how to style it, so don’t begin or be like Howard Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory.

Credits to rightful owner

Is contrast necessary?

Most people say you should always have some contrast when wearing a turtleneck. Giving contrast means that the eye of another person looking at you can fall on what you’re wearing.

Personally it depends, in my opinion it doesn’t have to be always in contract with your other garments , because sometimes a similar color blends in with your trousers but can give your scarf or jacket a bigger touch to look at. Same colors blends in with what you’re wearing so people won’t see it, that’s basically the one disadvantage. Here is a strong look that I also prefer a Glen Check Navy Suit with a skinny dark blue turtleneck:

How about the Casual or Business look?

Most best look that can be combined with a turtleneck are with jeans or chinos. This a more casual look for a day out with friends or grocery shopping. In my opinion a thicker polo necks only goes with casual looks, for instance with a parka coat or leather- or safari jacket. Two of the other jackets looks you can combine it with are a wax jacket and a biker jacket

Business causal outfit day to day

The other look is a business- to business casual look, it’s when you need to wear a blazer or the whole suit. Depends on the weather and the fabric of your suit don’t even need to wear a jacket on top. It could be a double breast blazer or a standard blazer, don’t forget it can be also combined with the same fabric of the blazer. For a more casual look you’ll have to wear some slim jeans or good fitted chinos.
Depending on your personality some men like to show off their belt, small accessories like you see here. But looking at the other pictures it’s untucked. Play a bit around to see what you’re comfortable with and what type goes the most with you, remember you must feel comfortable wearing it like that.

What shoes game to combine it with?

Depending on your jeans, trouser or chino’s you can fit a good classy or classy sporty shoe. I’m not a huge fan of sporting shoes, they are comfortable and have many other advantages. I prefer some good quality shoes! You can learn why I actually opt always for some quality Italian shoes.

Because I have a skinny body type I have to fit those typical fitted clothes. So to make me look all elegant from top to bottom I have to wear the right shoes, for me those are the oxford type of shoes or loafers. Same color as my jacket or turtleneck.

LAST TIPS to take away

It’s good to have at least 3 to 5 different colours from blue, green, black, brown to burgundy colour turtleneck depending on your hair and eye colour is. Those futures give you a more specific look to stands out in the crown when you wear the right garments (with right colours)

PS. It’s all up to you to wear your turtleneck tucked or untucked (in or out of your trousers).

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