Travel period is near! The ultimate travel luggage.

You got your travel gear ready for the go, but what about your luggage? Don't say "I'm just going to use my sports bag", come on...Really? Why would you do yourself such harm?

First of all, you have to carry it with you the whole way. Secondly, it doesn’t have always the necessary space to put all your belongings in it. Just think about it, most often you want to buy a few things for yourself or your family members. On the final day of your holiday you start packing your “sports bag” but it doesn’t have that extra space.

You like traveling, but in style? Then this is a must have. One stylish but durable rolling luggage at the same time, is possible. Yes, it will cost you something, but if you use it regularly it will have its value. Most of you probably heard about the Louis Vuitton travel bag, the Keepall. Very popular and stylish to carry with you. Some even say it’s handy for a daily use, especially the 45 one. That’s what Louis Vuitton does, creating items that are long-lasting, stylish and quality is no exception to it. Don’t forget making travel luggages is their specialty, it has been for centuries!

A change has come

This time they hired Marc Newson a famous influential designer to redesign the Louis Vuitton travel luggage. The well-known luxury brand wanted something new and fresh, because the traveling accessories are getting out of date. More and more people start travelling and exploring new places and the market is filling the needs of high-end suitcases. Louis Vuitton doesn’t want to stand behind. The luxury brand will do anything to satisfy its customer base with it’s a supreme luxury goods. That’s exactly what Marc did.

*For those of you who doesn’t know who Marc is, let me explain it real quick. He design for various brand like Ferrari, Mont Blanc, Hennessy, Jaeger LeCoultre, Nike. In my opinion he has a solid reputation to create something fascinating.

It’s rather a process of engineering than design

The Horizon is the future of luxurious rolling luggage, as Louis Vuitton states on its official website. This trolley is made for the contemporary travelers of the 21st century. What Marc did was a very smart move, because he moved everything heavy from the inside of the luggage to the outside, clearing out much more space. This results in opening more space to put your stuff in. As Mr Newson stated

Marc Newson Designing Louis Vuitton Travel Rolling Luggage Horizon
Privacy of Louis Vuitton

Check if your luggage has been opened

As a luxury brand you have to offer something special with it, something unique that the others simply don’t have. Every hear of a luggage tracker? LV has been diving quite hard into the tech industry lately, offering you a Louis Vuitton Echo tracking device for your expensive luggage to never lose it of your sight. This device tells you where your luggage is situated when you’re arrive at a certain airport. Most importantly it can tell you whether it has been opened before. Quite a fascinating tool to own with the luggage isn’t it?

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Travel period is near! The ultimate travel luggage.