How it works?

The process AlexNass undertakes is at its highest standards. We understand that every customer is a busy individual, so we put his and our time into effective use from the first contact. To be fully transparant AlexNass wants you to have a look into how your bespoke-, made-to-measure suit and other garments are made.

A fully tailored suit, shirt or any other garment that sits perfect on your body, matches the comfort of your lifestyle, taste and preferences. Our craftsmen commit deeply to the customers for a lasting relationship, this is how…

The Process:

A handmade suit is an investment for many years to come. At our appointment you will be introduced to the different bespoke styles and fabrics you could choose from. Even the point of location can be chosen, where one of AlexNass’ representatives will be at your service. We estimate an hour for individual measurements, fabric selection and finishing details.

AlexNass shall listen to what you need and your expectations, to achieve your desired outcome. Every detail must be impeccable from the first cut of fabric to the last press. Giving you a bespoke suit that you never want to take it off.

Once the measurements are taken, your order will start within 24 hours. Before we start cutting the fabric, we ask around 30% of the total sum from your side for production. The dedication of 60 hours in labour, making it an average of 4 to 5 weeks can be taken to fully produce your custom suit.

We will contact you again and schedule the first fitting of your garment. The individual pieces will be stitched together to form a test suit. We’ll examine how well the garment fits, the comfortability you desire, how it corresponds to your movements and shows your features.

After the individual pieces are softly stitched together to form a garment of your choice, it will be ready for a first fitting. The fitting process is an examination of the length, button placement, plies or any other imperfection that can occur.

Once the first fitting process is over, our craftsmen will make the necessary adjustments to your custom garment. Our next fitting will take a closer look at the possibilities of perfection to your garment, before you will receive your finished bespoke wish.


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After value

AlexNass has always your back, is it a small adjustment that needs to be done or a repair due to intensive use? We guaranteeing to make it as we have given you in the first place without additional costs.

AlexNass aims for a lasting relationship with the client, whereby it is also crucial for us to receive feedback. Our service does not stop when a piece is delivered, but remains relevant throughout its entire use. As an existing customer you can easily reorder as your personal measurements are stored.

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How it works?