Premiere Vision? Paris! Double dose of discovery!

Visiting Paris in the period of February and September, will give you such an unique chance of discovering the next step in your fashion business or even elevate it. Premiere Vision, which is located near the airport of Paris, “Parc des Expositions” which in my opinion is fairly large.

What is Premiere Vision, what to find there?

So Premiere Vision, is a big fair in Paris Nord that brings many different businesses together. You’ll find manufactures, fabric- and leather sellers, small garments, decoration, accessories and so much more businesses from around the world in one place. I can definitely tell you this, without a map you’ll get lost.

Most people who come here are people with a small “private” – or big business. They maybe are looking for new suppliers because the cost where they produce now is too high or because of the political struggles. Others have a special collection in mind and what to add the missing touch, whereas others are looking for the trend that’s going on.

Narrow your search, time is precious

As you have been following my blog, my mission is to bring the best business suiting out for the Gents! So by having my vision in mind, and all the social tools in hand it’s time to start building a physique product. To start that I’ll need some good quality fabrics and a manufacturer. Before you say “Hold on a minute, but don’t you need a stylist and those other men before you can start?”, totally true. I have thought about it and I have been looking for them! You could stay this: a designer and a tailor has all been arranged. Still there is a question floating around. Is it possible to produce it in a big factory to reduce the cost for the customer? A manufacturer who takes smaller order sizes and that is reliable?

Now I know what I need I can filter my search at this big ass fair. I need to question manufacturers and find quality fabrics, keeping in mind that I have to send those chosen fabrics to the manufacturer if I find one.

Doing business, filter and ask direct

Depending on what your personal needs are, you can confront the business and start a conversation. You don’t have to start a small chit-chat, just cut straight to the business. Be like an professional even though you’re starting small. The rule is don’t waste your valuable time. Asking to the point questions can help you identify is the business will suit you. In other word do they support your vision and be willing to work with you? If so this can lead to a new business relationship and grow stronger over time.

It’s not always the case that the company you’re dealing with will give you some samples. I mean they will give you a fairly normal size sample to take with you, but like you see here on the right side it’s a whole collection of particular business suit fabrics. It all depends on your communication skills, don’t forget that asking the right questions is also a big part of your dialoge to get what you want!

What good does it do visiting Premiere Vision? In fact many first of them is that you’re in Paris. I don’t guarantee you’ll find the business to work with or that special thing for your collection. What you’ll find is some inspiration, not only from the business that are presented but the people who are coming for their own interest and style. People who give small talk and Q&A to help you develop in whatever stage you’re in.

In my personal opinion if you take your fashion business seriously , then you should definitely considering visiting Premiere Vision for only €42. I don’t think you’ll be very poor after that. On the flip side you’re in Paris, so after having done your tour at the fair, it’s time to explore the City of Love.

After fair time, exploring time!

Consider buying a whole day metro card. Why? Because you can move around quickly to see all the famous places. The most famous places you have to visit are Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, it just has that beautiful view over Paris! Of course the Eiffel tour, doesn’t matter how much you have been to Paris it’s still fascinating to see it. Not so far from the Eiffel Tour we have the Arc de Triomphe, which is also super crouded and you’ll also find the high end boutiques as Louis Vuitton, Cartier and others.

Don’t miss out on Louvre

Make sure to spend one day at the Louvre museum, it’s worth the €17! Book online so you don’t have to wait the whole line, luckily for us there was only a 5-minute wait! Thank God 🙏

Oh BTW use Citymapper, it’s a great app for major city, it will display the most best way to get to your destination by any transportation vehicle you want to. Plus the amazing thing is that you can see how much it will cost you, so you can plan it out ahead of time.

Remember that inspiration for fashion can be found everywhere! As you also may recall fashion is a continues cycle of the past with a small update, tweak or personal touch with great marketing behind it. So don’t worry about finding the thing right away, your mind will absorb so much that when the time is right it will pull that memory back up to add that last touch for your magnificent work!

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