Welcome to the Champagne Shop

Does it remind you a bit of the old school song “Welcome to the candy shop”? I hope it does, most of you probably know the 24/7/365 hustler from Queens, New York, the one and only Curtis “50 cent” Jackson.

From selling albums to clothes, headphones, EFFEN vodka and now as he is walking on the road with the rich he debuts his own luxury champagne “Le Chemin du Roi”. Translating the brand name from French to understandable English means “The Kings Path”. The champagne’s Instagram has already more than 26k followers!

Getting the fans salivate to be part of his exclusive brand, as 50 stated “for winners only”. Be real with yourself, don’t you want to be a winner? Of course we do,  looking deeper into ourselves we all want to live even if it’s for one day, like a king, to eat and drink like a king!

This winner’s champagne is already produced in a limited quantity and waiting to be distributed by southern wine and sprits to well respected places. It’s still a mystery when the product will actually launch? Knowing 50 Cent’s tactics, he’s probably anticipating the moment, creating the hype to get the product flowing in many places as possible with an increasing demand for it, which will make him a solid cash flow every month, that’s 101 hustle economics.

What’s so unique about this bottle?

So what do we know more about this luxury champagne? Well it’s a Rosé, made in the region of Reims (France). Aged for 4 years which isn’t bad at all. The bottle is covered with 14 karat rose gold-plated cross of the king on every bottle. Diamonds on champagne I heard that, but plated gold, that’s new! This tells me that the price wouldn’t be really cheap!

If you get the chance of having this bottle before me, comment what it’s like! But fort the time being, would you spend at least $300 on a champagne bottle, something similar to a Crystal champagne?

Wat denk je?

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Welcome to the Champagne Shop