Dress the Elite-way! Style with a handkerchief.

Going decades back, wearing a small piece of cloth as we call it the handkerchief was considered of some sort of being an elite. No wonder that nowadays bosses like to wear it. Funny enough it didn’t even start there, history teaches us that it was used in the time of the gladiators or the 1-1 shootings in the 19th century. Dropping the small piece of cloth could start a major combat![

Handkerchief and its meanings

Handkerchiefs also called hankies, had actually a hygienic purpose. As it was used for wiping the nose, mouth or even the forehead. It shouldn’t be all that disgusting, because it also had a symbolic meaning. Going back to those days when most had black and white TV-screens and where movies touched our hearths. Men leaving for their duties or even to save the country from war, women would be waving them goodbye with a handkerchief.

From wearing it in the pockets to having them actually on your left breast pocket. The handkerchief established itself as a key fashion accessory for the gentleman that represents confidence and a stylish appearance. Figure out how you can boost your confidence and step up in life.

Old habits

It isn’t all about your status in the society, but it also can have a deeper meaning to it. A movie called “The intern” starring with Robert de Niro and Anne Hathaway. De Niro explains about the old habits of dressing and grooming. It’s all about the famous line “Dress to impress” isn’t it? Be slick and groomed before you go out.

But the best part is the handkerchief-moment in the movie. A question arose around wearing a hanky, why you have a handkerchief? What is it good for? The answer to the question is relatively simple, when a lady is crying or has made a small stain, you can offer her that handkerchief. Yes, you’ll have to wash it, but it’s all for the greater good!

Maybe you should try out wearing one! You don’t know how to style it? No worries. Instead of explaining to you word by word the different ways how to fold a handkerchief, just watch the video down below. A small guideline for styling your handkerchief. Find your preferable way of wearing a handkerchief, switch your style and make it noticeable to others.

How to match your hankie ?

It’s super easy, just read this through and you’ll be the expert in no time. While it is not necessary to match your pocket square to your tie, adding an accent color can have a strong effect. White hanky is the classic way, it can’t go wrong on your blazer. The pocket square is where even the most conservative outfit can have the most elaborate and striking design included.

Match your handkerchief with your shirt. Make sure that your white shirt (ex. OFF-WHITE or WHITE) is the right one with your hanky, otherwise it’ll cause a dirty effect. Want to play safe, that can be done. There are sets of tie, cufflinks and handkerchief available in the same fabric that will match your suit and accessories all nice together.

How to style or fold a handkerchief?

First of all have a look on how your pocket square is. Being a person who wants to stand out can take a 40cm hanky for a flamboyant display that can be formed with it. Otherwise you can opt for a 30cm with will give you more or less the same look.

Why the length matters? It’s because of the material that’s being used to make the handkerchief. Soft materials as silk and linen, will fall faster into your breast pocket and wouldn’t be noticeable. That’s the reason why you should go for a bigger one if the material is light. Stronger materials like tweed, will rest in place so the 30cm will be more than enough. On that notice, a high-quality pocket square will feel thicker, and will not wrinkle so easily.

Remember that the key is in contrast and variety. If your suit or shirt is heavily patterned, go for a subtler pattern with your square or even go for flat colour!

PS To follow the folding techniques, I would suggest you to slow down the video and follow it while doing it yourself. The 1st comment is also very interesting because you can jump right to the style you prefer the most.

Here you have 4 main handkerchief styles to remember and are quite easy to implement any time! Why breaking your head on this small thing right?

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