Belgium’s craftsmanship ‘ll be remembered, like its beers. Excellence!

Antwerp is known for its famous luxury diamonds, furthermore it’s been recognized as one of the fashion trendsetters around Europe. Fashion designer ‘Dries van Noten’ sticks out in the international fashion designers. As does Raf Simons who presents more contemporary fashion designs.

Don’t forget Belgium’s capital, Brussels, that has one of the finest schools of ‘Haute Couture’, where student all over the world come to gain new insights in the fashion industry.

Now that you have read this, but none of those are familiar names are familiar to you, so what? Cool down your horses. Let’s drop some heavy weight names in this business area, shall we. There was a rumor or maybe it’s a fact that HipHop artist Kanye West consulted Belgian designers for his clothing brand ‘Jeezus’ in the beginning for his shoe line!

Not enough? Delvaux is known for its expensive handbags of €3.000 and up! All handcrafted from the bottom up. Looks expensive, feels expensive, crafted to perfection by hand and that’s a Belgium standard for luxury.

Our fashion foundation

Belgium is certainly a hardworking country toward creating its own product or labels. Each Belgian is prepared to leave his best effort behind before leaving home. Quality of the products we make and the excellence of the work we deliver, lays in our Belgian culture. A short story that takes you back to the ‘80s , showing you how the foundation and recognition is being laid for Belgium. This reaffirms how determined we are, to risk it all in showing you the garments we create that are worth your eyes for its craftsmanship!

Bringing back the quality

Fashion evolves very quick, but cycles repeat which means that styles come back eventually! It’s time to reintroduce the real craftsmanship, hand made products from scratch! AlexNass is here to make that difference, bringing back the haute couture of quality suits with a contemporary touch. AlexNass brings classy suits back as an extension of their personality. Wearing a tailored garment of AlexNass makes it just esthetically pleasing, people will stop and look at a well-dressed man with confidence.

Authentic craftsmanship at AlexNass

Discover more about our tailor company. Why should you consider our tailoring instead of other brands? Because AlexNass offers more than quality and detailing on top of hand-made suits. What would it be if you can imagine your personal suit, but having it in reality?!

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