About Us

A passion for classic fashion is what took me here. A passion that turned into a burning desire, leaving the corporate world behind and diving into la monde de fashion. This wouldn’t the case if not for Sir. Guy-David and his in-depth knowledge of bespoke fashion. Giving me a head start and the first building blocks to start building out this empire.

AlexNass offers bespoke and made-to-measure suits, shirts and accessories that are handmade by our tailors at our atelier. We’re proud to say that our tailors still following the old traditions of this craftsmanship. A vast collection of fabrics are handpicked by AlexNass to offer you options throughout the four seasons.

Each person at AlexNass truly wants to help the customer to give him the necessary effort in choosing the right colors and color combinations that suits his persona. Each custom-made wish is done to its excellence and attention to detail before we deliver the garment to you. There are no limitations to where you want to order your personal suit or take the measurements, you say, we deliver.

I don’t want a nice-looking suit.
I want the best suit, period.
Ones they see it, they never forget me.

AlexNass is not here for the sake of offering you a suit. We want to have a long-term impact on each garment you would like to have. AlexNass wants to be rewarded for its success by giving the customer exactly want he desires.

As new times brings new knowledge in all fields, so does everyone at AlexNass updates his knowledge in trying something new or perfecting a skill for making the best of the best.
We’re building a reputation as one of the finest bespoke tailor in the Kingdom of Belgium.